Michelin launches first travel guidebook devoted to Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Mar 23 (EFE).- Michelin on Monday presented the first edition of its travel guidebook devoted to Brazil, including recommendations for 43 hotels and 145 restaurants in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, including one two-star establishment, with which it intends to show "the true potential of Brazilian gastronomy."

The "Michelin Guide to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo 2015" was presented Monday in both cities and awards two stars to Sao Paulo's D.O.M. restaurant, owned by Brazilian chef Alex Atala and already recognized as one of the best in Latin America, and one star to 16 other establishments, six of them in Rio and 10 in Sao Paulo.

The first edition of this guide reveals the "true potential" of Brazil on the gastronomic scene, focusing in particular on the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, said Michelin guide international director Michael Ellis in a communique from the Michelin Group.

According to Ellis, the Michelin guide inspectors worked for months in the two largest Brazilian cities to identify restaurants that could be presented as ambassadors of Brazilian cooking and gastronomy.

Regarding D.O.M., the guide says that chef Alex Atala serves "truly unique" and highly creative dishes, displays traditional and occasionally underused products of Brazil, some of which the chef himself discovered in the Amazon jungle.

Standing out among the six one-star Rio de Janeiro restaurants is Roberta Sudbrack, which bears the name of its chef and serves "modern and authentic" Brazilian cuisine with local ingredients, and Olympe, run by French chef Claude Troisgros and his son Thomas, who have lived in Brazil since 1979 and offer traditional French cooking with local products.

The guidebook devoted to Brazil is the first about a Latin American country produced by Michelin, which this year published guides for 24 countries on four continents.