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App that lets women review guys arrives in LatAm

Miami, May 17 (EFE).- The Lulu app, which lets women review the guys they date and post comments online, has 5 million users, including one out of every four female university students in the United States, signed up.

Lulu, available on iTunes and Google Play, was created by former pro tennis player Alexandra Chong to try to reproduce "the safe and intimate mood you find at a women's only gathering" online.

Chong, who grew up in Jamaica and studied law at the London School of Economics, told Efe that the app, which recently made its debut in Latin America, was an "intelligence tool for dates, both for girls and guys."

Users anonymously review guys they know, using hashtags to describe them, as well as rating them on a scale of 0 to 10, and grading them in different areas, such as manners, sex, humor, commitment and looks.

"Men can also register to see what girls are saying about them and get personalized feedback. Guys can see their average rating and which hashtags girls have used to describe them," Chong said.

The 1 million male users can remove their profiles if they want and receive updated information on their average rating and hashtags.

But they cannot see who trashed them or rip the girls, Chong said.

"Lulu empowers women with information about guys and relationships. It's an essential resource for women looking for dates and to go out with someone today," Chong said.

New investment has allowed Lulu, which began as a start-up, to reach Latin America, where it is available in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Peru.

"We believe the time is right because Latin America is an incredibly social region and we found that women are early adopters and willing to try new technologies," Chong said.