King Felipe VI: No limits to Spain-Mexico relations

By Carlos Perez Gil

Mexico City, Jun 30 (EFE).- Spain's king told the Mexican Congress on Tuesday that relations between the two countries "have no limits" and expressed his support for the process of reforms undertaken by the president of the Aztec nation, Enrique Peña Nieto.

Felipe VI, accompanied by Queen Letizia, took part in a solemn session of the Permanent Commission representing both the Senate and the lower house, in the most important political act of his state visit to Mexico.

"The possibilities for Mexico and Spain to come together and take action have no limits," the king said.

Felipe expressed his support for the reform process agreed upon in December 2012 between Peña Nieto's PRI and Mexico's other major parties, and said it showed "great vision, patriotism and historic responsibility."

These reforms, according to Felipe VI, transmit "a clear determination on the part of your society and institutions to make progress and improvements."

"I wish to express here today our support and willingness to accompany Mexico through this new stage," the Spanish head of state said.

Felipe VI described Mexico as "one of the world's great democracies," endowed with "an open, vibrant political system with some solid institutions."

The king pointed to the close collaboration of Mexico and Spain as strategic partners since 2007, as well as on the international stage where they exercise "a true complicity" in areas like Ibero-America and the Pacific, and in working to reform the United Nations.

He also noted their collaboration in the fight against organized crime and against climate change.

On an international level, he stressed Spain's interest in a "closer, more modern" relationship between Mexico and the European Union.

"Mexico and Spain have the duty and the honor to travel the road together and to face with all the strength of our brotherhood the challenges of this new century," Felipe said, to the lawmakers' applause.

The session in Congress came after a business forum in which the royals took part with Peña Nieto to explore new areas of economic cooperation.

The agenda on the second day of the state visit continued with a luncheon at which the king and queen were to share a table with a group of Mexican luminaries including media moguls Emilio Azcarraga Jean and Ricardo Salinas, Cervantes Prize-winning author Elena Poniatowska and historian Enrique Krauze.

The royals were scheduled to end the day at a meeting with the Spanish expatriate community in Mexico City.