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Mexican Senate to choose among 3 candidates for Supreme Court

- 17:47 - 6/12/2018
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    Mexico City, Dec 6 (epa-efe).- Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said Thursday that he will send to the Senate the names of three potential replacements to fill the vacancy on the country's Supreme Court left by the departure last week of Justice Jose Ramon Cossio.

    The president announced the candidates during his daily morning news conference.

    First on the list was attorney and former congresswoman Loretta Ortiz, the only Mexican to be invited to teach at The Hague Academy of International Law.

    He also put forward Celia Maya, a jurist since 1979, who now sits on the Superior Court of the State of Queretaro.

    Lopez Obrador's final candidate is Juan Luis Gonzalez Alcantara, currently the top judge in the Federal District.

    Cossio, who spent 15 years on the Supreme Court, is seen as a progressive.

    Questioned by the media about Ortiz's affiliation as a lawmaker with Lopez Obrador's leftist Morena party, the president said that it is the Senate that has the final decision.

    "Before, the whole procedure was a farce. Not now," he said, because "each senator is free."

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