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Pegaso satellite streams video of SouthAm countries

- 17:04 - 20/05/2013
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    Quito, May 20 (EFE).- Pegaso, a nanosatellite that went into orbit on April 25 and whose video feed started on May 16, has been beaming images of different regions of Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela to Earth, Ecuadorian Civilian Space Agency, or EXA, director Ronnie Nader said.

    Pegaso streamed video of the Peruvian coast around 10:00 a.m. Sunday that was received at the EXA ground station in Guayaquil and rebroadcast via the Internet, Nader told Efe.

    "We did not reac Chile because we were out of range," the Ecuadorian astronaut said.

    Engineers are working to adjust the tiny satellite to expand its coverage, Nader said.

    Pegaso, a cube-shaped apparatus that weighs just 2.1 kilos, went into orbit aboard an LM2D rocket launched from the Jiuquan Space Launch Center in China's Gansu province.

    The nanosatellite, which took a year to build, and its twin, Krysaor, whose launch is scheduled from Russia in August, cost EXA and several private companies $80,000.

    Ecuador's government provided about $700,000 to cover launch, insurance, logistics and certification costs for the two satellites.

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